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Entertainment in the Russian village «Shuvalovka»


Dear guests! Welcome to the Russian village «Shuvalovka». We offer you the beautiful country recreation - services and entertainment for adults and children. Here you can spend your weekends and holidays, to celebrate family and corporate celebrations, just a walk in the fresh country air and to have tasty dinner or supper.


Complex objects

On the territory of the Russian village «Shuvalovka» placed a unique complex of buildings, made in the traditions of Russian wooden architecture of the XVIII and XIX centuries.

You can visit the smithy and pottery studio, ethnographic hut, reconstituted from drawings Novgorod peasant's house of the XIX century, the mill and the Chapel Nativity of the Blessed Virgin.

Every weekend, open to all visitors the Animal Farm, the Children's playground with a trampoline and the Fairytales Theatre «Mr. Pezho’s wandering dolls» - a unique, unparalleled project where children, along with the actors themselves play a fairytale.

Schedule objects of the complex at the weekend:

  • The residence of Santa Claus - from 12.00 pm.
  • Country Gornitsa (the parlor) with historical artifacts - from 12.00 pm.
  • Master-classes in traditional handicrafts - from 11.00 pm.
  • Museum of Living History «Vikings in Ancient Russia» - from 11.00 pm.
  • Children's playground with a trampoline - from 11.00 pm.
  • Fairytales Theater «Mr. Pezho’s wandering dolls» - the show given on Saturday and Sunday at 13 pm. and 14 pm. or on order for the group at any time.
  • Mini-zoo «The Animal Farm» - from 12.00 pm.
  • Horseback riding - during the day.
  • Cafe «Ivan-Chai» («The Willow-Herb») from 11.00 pm.
  • Restaurant «Krapiva» («The Nettle») - from 12.00 pm.

The complex is open every weekdays from 10.00 for individual and group bookings.

Any program you can order by phone: (812) 450-53-93.

Welcome to the Russian village «Shuvalovka»!

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